Pokémon Trading Card shortage nearing end, per source

We have finally received confirmation that the Pokémon Trading Card Game supply shortage is nearing an end!

It has been an issue for several months now that store shelves have been emptied dry of Pokémon Trading Card Game products across the globe with no idea as to when they will be restocked. There are a multitude of reasons as to why—such as regained interest among collectors, to the COVID-19 pandemic keeping families at home needing to find new hobbies, or dare we say it: scalpers who are buying up stock and reselling the cards on the market for profit. The shortage has gained enough traction that The Pokémon Company released a statement acknowledging the issue.

We recently reached out to a representative at The Pokémon Company, who only identified themselves as “AZ,” for an exclusive look on when store shelves could soon see the large quantities of TCG product back in stock. One of the questions we asked was if there was a specific timeline on when Trainers can expect to begin seeing cards stocked again, and their response was “Soon.” When we asked what they meant by “soon,” we were not given any further answer, aside from a reiteration of “Soon.”

What could “Soon” mean? Could a resolution be coming in the days or weeks and stores will be restocked? Or could this perhaps be “Soon™,” like the Definition of Soon?

Edited by bobandbill and Rabinov.