Niantic apology event for paid ticket holders distributed to non-paying players

The event intended to make up for an earlier mistake ended up repeating the very same thing.

The paid Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto event last month experienced some controversy when players received an in-game ticket without paying. Niantic recently announced a bonus event for those paid ticket holders as an apology.

Due to a technical issue that occurred during Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto, some Trainers were able to access the ticketed portion of the event without purchasing a ticket. We apologize for this issue, and to help Trainers who purchased a ticket feel like they are receiving its value, paid ticket holders will be able to participate in a bonus event.

The bonus event is set to start at 10 a.m. local time on the 5th of March for players who had paid real money for the event. However, as the event rolls out across the world, it turns out that once again other players are also accessing that restricted content, as shown from multiple reports on The Silph Road subreddit.

I just opened the game and I have the research on the today tab. I thought it’s for ticket holder only. NZ player here and didn’t buy the ticket but received it as a free from the previous error.

Yes. I got full access to the event then and the bonus research now without buying anything.

Someone in my PoGo group who received access to the original event in error has also received the bonus event.

It’s an impressive mistake the first time around, and somewhat staggering to be repeated in this context. It seems Niantic have hastily removed the ‘event’ for everyone for now, although many paid players were underwhelmed by the bonuses even before this latest mistake.

Did you shell out money for the event?

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