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Check out this cool Pokémon Snap map viewer

It’s a map viewer with all the Pokémon models and behaviours included! Other game maps are available too.

Impatient over the sequel of the cult classic Pokémon Snap title? Perhaps this map viewer will help tide you over.

Online museum website noclip has a series of world maps, where you can explore the areas that make up a game. Included are maps of a few Pokémon games, including Pokémon Snap – and it’s rather impressive. You see, you not only can see what the map is like, but even view the Pokémon, throw apples and Pester Balls at them, and even get them to interact, just like in the game itself.

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It’s quite neat to see Snap from another angle (or several), and play around with any secrets you might have missed out on from the original game. You can also check out the Pokémon models in greater detail. For instance, that Vulpix used to have a pinker hue and white underbelly. And this may even work on your phone!

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Worry not – noclip is purely set up for museum purposes, and not for video game piracy (and donations won’t even be accepted). And remember – other games can be explored too!

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Thanks to user Me for the tip.
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