Pokémon Unite “not just another MOBA”

So a new Japanese interview with the game director and other developers has revealed.

An interview with the producer (Masaaki Hoshino) of the upcoming mobile and Nintendo Switch title, Pokémon Unite, has appeared on the Japanese website Dime. Hoshino notably directed another Pokémon spinoff title in Pokkén Tournament.

A summary of the article has been provided by Twitter user @ZhugeEX:

A main highlight of the article includes the claim that Pokémon Unite will be more than just a general MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). The Chief of the Pokémon China division, Suenaga, explains that there are multiple ways for players to make contributions to their team, such as attacking wild Pokémon rather than fighting directly against an opponent all the time. Hoshino adds that the game is designed to be useful for allied play.

The Nintendo Switch version is designed to be more focused on a Western audience who may prefer using joycon controls over touchscreen, as informed through a survey conducted in North America. However, the game will remain cross-platform. The game is also designed to be easy to play, and will not focus on being an esport by game design.

No release date is yet confirmed, although the timing of release across different countries may vary. Are you interested in trying out Pokémon Unite when it does release for your part of the world?

Edited by HeroLinik and ranko.