Pokémon GO’s Buddy Adventure feature announced!

Enjoy new ways to bond with your Buddy Pokémon as you take your friendship to the next level in Niantic’s Pokémon GO.

Niantic has announced a new feature for Pokémon GO! It is set to be launched around the world by 2020 and is an upgrade to the Buddy system. If you didn’t know, Buddy Pokémon walk with the Trainer and collect Candy along the way. Now, players can pet, feed or walk with their Buddy Pokémon, with the petting and feeding having similar effects to Pokémon Amie and Refresh.

Pokémon Buddies interacted with in this way will eventually reach the ‘excited mood’, which reduces the distance required for them to find Candy. Other benefits include double Heart earning for every action and being able to earn additional Hearts as a result. Note: Hearts represent Affection, much the same as in Amie and Refresh. With the newly upgraded Buddy Profile screen, you can see your Buddy’s progress toward finding Candy, your Buddy’s current mood, your daily activities and your Buddy Level! Also available is the option to check the histories of different Pokémon that have been your Buddies.

Speaking of Buddy Levels, the growth is similar to how Friendship and Affection increase gradually in the core series games.

A Good Buddy joins the player in the map view and its feelings are visible on the Buddy Profile screen.

A Great Buddy helps in wild encounters and may bring items.

An Ultra Buddy will bring you souvenirs from nearby places (which can later be accessed through the Profile page).

And lastly there is the Best Buddy, who will show off your bond with a ribbon! Obviously, that’s not all – it will also receive a CP boost in battle too, provided it is the active Buddy.

Here’s the video:


And that’s not all! In the shared AR mode, your Buddy will be able to interact with other players’ Buddies. This mode allows two more Trainers (with AR+) to take a group photo.

Hope you enjoy time with your Buddies, in real life as well as in Pokémon life!

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