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Hack of the Year 2019 – Nominations & Judging

It’s that time of year again… PokéCommunity’s Hack of the Year competition has begun!

The hard work and devotion that PokéCommunity ROM hackers have put into their projects throughout the year show their results in our annual Hack of the Year competition! Winners and runners up earn a place in our very own ROM Hack Hall of Fame.

This year, we have introduced our brand new voting system. Instead of having to privately send your votes to the official Hack of the Year account, you can now nominate your favourite hacks from their very own threads! At the top of any hack thread that meets the Hack of the Year requirements, which you can find here, there will be a link that will allow you to nominate that hack in a variety of fields.

Following this round, the top three nominated hacks across all categories will be judged by a panel of judges and the hack with the highest resulting score will be crowned Hack of the Year for 2019.

This nomination process will remain open until the 15th of December, so if you haven’t voted yet, be sure to get nominating! Any votes that are cast after 23:59 UTC on the 15th will not count towards the final tally.

What else is new? In previous years, the judging panel consisted of the ROM Hacking section moderators and other well-versed ROM hackers chosen behind the scenes. This year, any member of the community has the chance to apply for a place on the panel! If you are interested, more information about how to apply can be found here. Applications close at 23:59 UTC on the 15th of December.

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