Generation Four Pokémon set to arrive in Pokémon GO!

Sinnoh confirmed! …Well, for GO. Furthermore, migration, weather effects and battle mechanics are set to change!

It appears that the next generation of Pokémon is set to arrive in Pokémon GO. This time around, it will be generation four Pokémon, originally discovered in the Sinnoh region which debuted in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Meanwhile, changes to the spawn mechanics are to be made, based on player feedback. The weather feature, introduced with Generation III, will have a reduced effect on Pokémon spawns, and a greater variety of spawns will appear over time, at different rates. Another notable change to be rolled out includes certain areas, such as nature reserves, containing more varied spawns.

Along with spawn mechanic changes, battle mechanic changes are also to be carried out. In order to improve balance, CP and HP values will be adjusted on certain Pokémon. Defense and Stamina values will also see a re-balance, allowing Pokémon with higher defensive stats to stall out Gym contenders. For most Pokémon though, their Defense values will see a slight reduction, in order to keep in line with the Defense stats of most Pokémon.

What do you think of those changes? Much more importantly though… are you ready to see Sinnoh Pokémon appear in GO? Are you also looking forward to evolving the likes of Magneton, Murkrow and Porygon2? Because we sure are!

Source: Official Pokémon website
Edited by bobandbill.