New English trailers, screenshots and art released for Let’s Go

Art for Gym Leader Erika is included, and we have a peek of the Game Corner!

Following the reveal for Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee from the Japanese television show of new special moves for the partner Pokémon and new field moves, the official website has updated with details and images galore. But first, check out the new English trailers!

Secret Techniques

The official name for moves used on the overworld is Secret Techniques. These include replacements for Surf, Cut, and Fly.

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Secret Techniques are special skills your partner learns that can be used outside of battle. Clear away troublesome trees with Chop Down, or glide across the water with Sea Skim. Sky Dash allows you to quickly revisit towns and cities you’ve been to before. Your partner will make exploring the Kanto region easy as you continue on your adventure!

Exclusive Moves

The Exclusive Moves your partner Pokémon can use requires an opportunity to present itself in battle. The moves Pikachu can use are Pika Papow (strength increases based on your Friendship with it) and Splishy Splash (can paralyse opponents). Eevee meanwhile can use Veevee Volley (again is stronger with a better friendship with it), Bouncy Bubble (heals Eevee for half the damage it deals to the opponent), Buzzy Buzz (may paralyse the opponent) and Sizzly Slide (will always burn the opponent).

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As you shower your partner with love, it’ll sometimes send you a sign during battle. Wave your detached Joy-Con when the partner sign appears to have your partner use its special partner power.

Your partner may even send you a sign when it’s not the one battling. If you respond, it’ll cheer on the Pokémon in battle by boosting its stats!

Celadon and Erika

Celadon has now been featured on the website. The Game Corner now features arcade machines rather than slot machines; it remains to be seen if you can play any mini-game on these or not. Erika has also been introduced as the city’s Gym Leader.

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What do you think of the new trailer and details?