New Let’s Go footage shows exclusive new moves and field-specific techniques

New moves for your partner Pikachu or Eevee, both for battles and for the field.

Japanese Pokémon-themed variety television show Pokénchi has today shown brand-new footage of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. Game Director Jun’ichi Masuda makes a guest appearance on the show, giving the crew and audience the opportunity to check out the games.

French-language Pokémon fan site Pokekalos has captured clips from today’s segment and posted them onto their YouTube channel. Localized names for anything in these videos are not known at this time — so for consistency amongst the fanbase, translations have been sourced from Serebii.

The first two videos show off how your partner Pokémon — your Pikachu or Eevee — will be able to defeat Pokémon they usually would have trouble with attacking, such as Geodude or Magnemite. In previous games, you’d have to catch another Pokémon, or none of your attacking moves would be particularly effective (or have any effect) against such Pokémon. Recent games have given them moves such as Iron Tail, but Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee give your partner — and only your partner — exclusive moves to best these Pokémon in battle.

One such an exclusive move that Pikachu can learn is Splash Surf (ざぶざぶサーフ), a new Water-type move. As we see, it makes quick work of a Geodude.

Eevee gets some screen time in the footage, too! The video shows Eevee with the Fire-type move Flare Burn (めらめらバーン), which also can cause the target to receive a Burn.

The video also shows a little bit more of the ability to care for your partner Pokémon, showcasing the ability to feed your Eevee or Pikachu, and showing off one of Pikachu’s hairstyles.

It was noted in previous interviews that Hidden Machine moves (HMs) would not be used in Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, but without clarification as to exactly what would replace them. These questions have also finally been answered in today’s videos.

It has been revealed that your partner Pokémon will also be learning field-specific moves which won’t take up any of the four learned move slots. Replacing Cut, which would slash trees, is a new “hidden technique” called the Diagonal Cut (ヒジュツ・ケサギリ). Eevee’s specific move has not been shown.

Surfing Pikachu returns! Pikachu can learn the hidden technique Water Walk (ヒジュツ・ミズバシリ), which allows it to use a surfboard and ride the Kanto waters.

Still tempted to get the game? Do the additions look really cool? Will these new moves make your partners feasible battle allies? Time will tell, but why not speculate in the comments?