Summer-Themed Pikachu, Celebi Announced for Pokémon GO

Squirtle won’t be the first sunglass-bearing Pokémon in GO!

Do you want another hat-wielding Pikachu? No? How about one with sunglasses? I thought so.

As per summer-themed Pikachu as depicted above wearing a straw hat and stylish shades will be available starting tomorrow in Pokémon GO to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the global phenomenon’s release. Additionally, Pikachu will have an increased encounter rate for the entire rest of July.

None other than Pikachu has joined in to celebrate this momentous occasion, so keep an eye out for Pikachu and Pichu as they will appear more frequently tomorrow (July 6 PT) until July 31. Plus, this year, you can say hello throughout the month to a special “Summer Style” Pikachu, that’s decked out in a straw hat and sunglasses.

The announcement article also implied an increased encounter rate for Pichu, but given it currently is egg-exclusive, we don’t really know if it will actually be in the wild, have a better chance of hatching from eggs, or if the article was badly worded.

Possibly more importantly, Celebi was also confirmed as the next Special Research subject, replacing Mew. No further details have been revealed about this.

We’re excited to announce that Special Research on the Mythical Pokémon Celebi will be available globally in the near future. So stay tuned, Trainers, and get out there and GO!

While you’re here, I’ll take this chance to remind you that the Community Day is still this Sunday the 8th of July. And yes, they can have sunglasses too. That’s been confirmed now.

Are you excited for summer Pikachu? Celebi? Shades Squirtle?