Water Festival event returns to Pokémon GO

Extra candy, more Water-type spawns and purple Kyogre…it’s time to make a splash!

The official Pokémon GO website has recently announced the return of the Water Festival, which will include a variety of bonuses, such as boosts on candy, XP gains and spawns – and new Shiny Pokémon!

Starting today, at 1:00 PM PDT (8:00 PM GMT) the event will last until the same time on June 21. As the name suggests, this event will focus on Water-type Pokémon such as Totodile and Magikarp, which will spawn more frequently. As part of the festivities, Shiny Shellder has been confirmed to spawn. Raid Battles will also feature Water-types, but the most notable example of this is the return of Kyogre. If players challenge Kyogre during the Water Festival, there is a chance that they may discover Shiny Kyogre, which has also been confirmed for the event.

Tying in with the Water-type focus, any caught Water-types will earn 3x Stardust, and certain Water-type Pokémon that usually appear in 5km Eggs, such as Totodile and Mudkip, can now hatch from 2km Eggs. Every Egg hatched will earn double Candy and Stardust.

Are you looking forward to getting out there and catching Water-types?