New Pokémon GO update reveals more Quest details

As usual, thank the dataminers for unearthing a bunch of surprises! Quests appear to be quite varied, while Professor Willow gets his moment to shine.

Researchers of Pokémon GO at The Silph Road have toren apart the newest update releasing for the game today. This update is essential for the quest system to be introduced on March 30th (likely US time), which allows players to do daily quests and in the long run have a chance at catching Mew.

In summary:

  • Professor Willow features heavily with Quests, and has several expressions added
  • Two new badges are added: Challenge (Quest) and Mew Encounter badges
  • A distinction is made in the code between Legendary and Mythical Pokémon
  • Encounters made with Legendary Pokémon differ from usual, with Mew’s encounter supposedly quite unique
  • The game no longer tracks what Ball you previously used when trying to catch a Pokémon between separate encounters
  • Quests appear to be quite varied and may have more difficult versions. Quests range from catching Pokémon, spinning PokéStops, hatching Eggs, completing Gym and Raid Battles, transferring and setting a Pokémon as a favourite, using Berries, upgrading and evolving Pokémon, and so forth. Quests can also involve multiple parts.
  • Quest rewards can include experience, items, stardust, Candy, avatar clothing items, another quest and Pokémon encounters.

How excited are you about quests coming to Pokémon GO?

Edited by Jake.