Amazon Allows Amazon Echo To Become Your Very Own Pikachu!

Now you can have your own Pikachu, learn more about it here!

Ever wanted to own a Pikachu in real life? Well now you sort of can! Today the Pokémon Company released an new Alexa skill to Amazon Echo devices, called Pikachu Talk. This is a free download for any Alexa device, making it easy to access. With this skill enabled, Alexa no longer answers to Alexa, but to Pikachu. You can do all kinds of things with your new Pikachu!

It talks, sings, and can even be told to use moves like Thunderbolt! The idea is similar to that of the Nintendo 64 Classic, “Hey You Pikachu!”, a game in which you used a mic to interact with and talk to a Pikachu on the TV. This add on may be based upon this concept although it is currently unknown.

Will you be adding this awesome skill to your Amazon Echo device?  Don’t tell it Play Station though!

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