Pokémon The Movie 21 To Get First Footage On Pokémon Day

Pokémon The Movie 21 is having a new trailer released soon. Learn all about it here!

A few months back, Pokémon The Movie 21 was announced with a small trailer. Not much was shown, but don’t worry, there is another trailer coming soon! This Tuesday, the first footage will be shown for the movie on the Oha Suta Show in Japan. This variety show is known for releasing trailers for the Pokémon anime in the past so it’s not too surprising to hear this news.

Pokémon The Movie 21 seems to be a continuation of the Pokémon I Choose You Movie and is set to feature Lugia again. Something to note is that this trailer drops on Pokémon Day, the day in which The Pokémon Company celebrates the anniversary of the release of Pokémon Red and Green in Japan. So there may be more surprises coming our way!

Are you excited for the trailer and Pokémon Day?