New Screenshots Released and Big Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon News Coming

New information has come out for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. Check it out here!

The Japanese website for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon has updated showcasing various new screenshots. You can find these below. The screenshots show us that Team Skull are still around and showcases new additions to the Alolan Dex, as well as confirming that Poké Pelago is back and thus far seemingly unchanged.

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(Translations to come later, so stay tuned!)

Even bigger news however is that we actually have an announcement of our next news drop. On November 2nd the next batch of news will be released and Game Freak is promising it will be big. Since this is the first time Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon have actually had their news releases announced, it should live up to the expectations being set by Game Freak. The following are the times that the announcement will be made worldwide:

09:00 EDT
06:00 PDT
22:00 JST
13:00 UTC

What do you expect from the news? Are you excited for the upcoming titles?

Images courtesy of the Japanese Pokémon Website.
Edited by bobandbill and SirBoglor.