New Shiny Pokémon Discovered in Pokémon GO

More shiny Pokémon have been discovered in Pokémon GO. Read about it here!

Following the release of the Pokémon GO Halloween event, reports came in of shiny Sableye sightings. It was thought that these were the only new Pokémon added – but now another has been added!

Shiny Duskull is here! The Silph Road

That’s right, it appears Duskull can be caught shiny too! In addition to several new images, someone has uploaded a video of their Duskull.

We do not yet know if Shuppet and Banette can be caught in their Shiny forms. However, they do have their shiny models within the game data.

Another one that has been found.

What do you think of this find? Will you be hunting for these scary shinys?

Cheers to Achromatic for the tip.
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