The Pokémon Company Shuts Down Popular Minecraft Pokémon Mod

A popular Minecraft Mod has been taken down by Pokémon. Read about it here!

In a surprising piece of news today, The Pokémon Company has shut down the massively-played and beloved Pixelmon Mod. This is a Minecraft mod that added Pokémon to the game, as well as special items (such as armor) based on the franchise’s evil teams. Many people have come to love and play the mod over the years, due to how much it offers and how good of a Pokémon experience it was. Many YouTubers also streamed it, increasing its popularity. Players could catch and battle Pokémon in the mod, as well as use the standard Minecraft features.

Even soaring was in the mod as a replacement to flying.

However, when the mod rewarded players for their donations and the creators of the mod received a substantial weekly income, it isn’t surprising it was shut down. This and its increased popularity are likely why The Pokémon Company finally stepped in. It’s also worth noting that the mod even added new features from the games (such as Mega Evolution) which only made it even bigger.

The Pixelmon mod was truly a great demonstration of what people could do when working together, and will be fondly remembered by the community it created.

Edited by Axeliira and Volpe Artica.