Pokémon Daisuki Club launches mysterious campaign

A mini-series is coming later this month – but it’s got naught to do with the next main series games.

A new video has popped up on the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel. Scenes from the main series Pokémon games such as Celebi time travelling, Clefairy dancing at Mt Moon, Deoxys, the Distortion World and more are featured. Check out the video below (note spoilers for games such as Pokémon Sun and Moon are included!)

A special website has been since launched. The date of the 19th of July 2017 is given along with the words ‘coming soon’. What could we expect?

Don’t get your hopes up too much; the video states that this is tied to Pokémon Daisuki Club (Pokémon Fan Club), which allows fans to try out mini-games, get involved in events, and more. The club is doing a mini-series called Mystery Files, and the video states that they will highlight these weird moments in the games through this series. This is not unusual for the group to do as well. Nonetheless, this video has done a good job in getting attention!

You could even say they did an ultra good job…

What do you think of all the spooky and mysterious stuff that’s occurred in the Pokémon games? Does this video do a good job of summing it up?

Thanks to Kostas for the tip! Thanks to Jake for translations.