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Why Pokémon GO’s Raids Make The Game Truly Interactive

They’re bringing the community aspect back into the game.

Welcome to Raids, the new interactive feature that was introduced in Pokémon only a week before this article was posted. Given that it is a new expansive feature, it’s needless to say that fans everywhere have been really excited to try out raids, and get their first taste of just how hard they can be. So, how are Raids stacking up so far? Well, that’s all down to perspective. Do you live somewhere with a ton of people, or are you in the middle of nowhere and have to fight these battles by yourself?

Whilst the latter is indeed an unpleasant experience due to how hard the bosses are, if you do manage to complete a Raid by yourself then it definitely feels rewarding! You get special items which include, but are not limited to, new Technical Machines (which have been highly requested amongst fans). Having control over your Pokémon’s moves in this was is a very important addition, and one that will go down as one of the better items in the game (though I’m yet to get one myself!). But, we’re going to focus on the interactive part of the Raids. What do they have to bring to the table, in terms of collaboration and interaction with other players? Again, it will depend on where you live, so it is hard to say how Raids are affecting Pokemon GO globally, but I can give you my take on this.

Personally, I have never spoken to anyone playing Pokémon GO before. One man much older than me noticed that I was playing once and shouted over to me from across the road! I smiled as it’s nice to see people out of the ‘norm’ recognising and playing Pokemon GO! This shows how huge the game itself is. However apart from that, there have been no other massive features in GO itself. Until Raids, that is.

Battles can get real heated with Raids.

Ever since Raids have been released to the public, I’ve interacted with several different people whilst I have been out and about encountering Raids. Not necessarily during the battles (because those require some decent focus), but definitely after them! We spoke about the Raids, talked about our teams and I’ve got to say, it was great! It’s really nice to see people finally being sociable whilst playing GO! I am aware however, that this goes back to my point about the location you are playing in. I know of some friends who were approached by several people whilst playing pre-Raids, however I am willing to bet this is going to happen even MORE now due to how truly interactive Raids make Pokémon GO!

It’s great seeing the diversity of people who play too. All ages, genders, you name it you’ll encounter it! Everyone is checking out Raids at least once per day with their free raid pass. Whilst this system definitely can be improved, I think so far they have done an amazing job for an early release. It’s really great. I’m still waiting to see Tyranitar, however I’ve seen a lot of Magikarp bosses, which is hilarious!

The game prides itself on getting you out and interacting with other players, an area it was struggling with until Raids were introduced. This feature is downright fun and great to play, but most of all it’s amazing for meeting and interacting with other players! Not only can you help out other trainers, you also have the chance to meet some new friends what you may have never come across before. If that isn’t the spirit of Pokémon GO, I don’t know what is.

Nevermind that Charizard at the PokéStop two miles out that everyone rushes to then leaves, I’m all about those Raids.

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