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Mystery Dungeon and Main Series: What They Can Learn From Each Other

Let’s take a look at the Mystery Dungeon games alongside the main series games that we all know and love. What will they have to offer each other?

Welcome, trainers and explorers! This is the start of a series where important comparisons are made between the main series franchise that we all know and love, and the spin-off series known as Mystery Dungeon. It should be stated that this series will not be for making one side look better than the other. The focus of this is to observe what both groups of games can learn from each other, as well as noting what makes the experience of playing them so unique and different. This article will set up the foundations for this by giving a general synopsis of both.

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The Foundation For Mystery Dungeon

The Mystery Dungeon games started during the third generation of Pokémon with the Installments Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team. They have always been released sometime after their main series counterparts. In these games, you’re no longer a trainer as you’re used to. In a huge twist, you are now a Pokémon thrown into a completely new world! What is even more interesting is that humans only exist in the world of Mystery Dungeon as legends. With nothing like this coming from the franchise before, the attention of many fans was grabbed. Mystery Dungeon seems to have found success too, considering the multiple installments of the spin off series. These games gave the franchise a completely new experience for the players to enjoy. Rather than going town to town with your Pokémon collecting gym badges, you were exploring caves and ruins with your partner. You were an adventurer, collecting treasure and relics while rescuing those in need.

The Foundation For Main Series

If you are a Pokémon fan, then you likely know the games that so many love. In each generation, there has always been a main set of games. These games follow yourself as a young Pokémon trainer. You are not a Pokémon, but a valued partner and friend instead. You travel throughout a specific region, strengthening the bonds between you and your Pokémon. You will eventually be looking to become champion, whether you want to call yourself the best battler or brag about your filled Pokédex. During your journey, you will generally meet a cast of characters and villains while unraveling some sort of story. While the specifics of these experiences differ greatly with each generation, the foundation of Pokémon is always there. You are a trainer, simply looking to grow and embark on an epic journey.

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The Important Differences

There are many differences to observe when comparing these sets of games. The music is written with different things in mind. The gameplay structure is vastly different, aside from the turned based movements that we all know. The characters play different roles and interact with each other in interesting ways. Even the art and storytelling take separate paths away from each other. When this much contrast occurs, it makes comparing them worthwhile. This not only allows us to appreciate the different yet wonderful games, but helps us understand what they can learn from one another. Every aspect of these games is going to be observed, so one can better understand what makes them so unique.

To start off the in-depth comparison, the stories told by the games will be analyzed. This will come with the next installment of this series. Until then, which games do you enjoy more? Did you enjoy of a spin-off like Mystery Dungeon? Or do you prefer the original masterpieces?

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