Magikarp Jump releases in Italy [Updated: Australia, USA, Canada]

A new Pokémon game has splashed onto Italian Smartphones! [Update: now in Australia, Canada, following Japan and other countries in Asia as well!]

Update (May 24, 2017 at 11:12 PM EDT):

The game is now available in Australia, Canada and the USA for both Android and iOS.

Update (May 23, 2017 at 9:24 AM EDT): reported yesterday that Magikarp Jump would possibly launch in Japan today. We are now receiving reports that Magikarp Jump is being released in other countries in Asia as well.

Original story:

The newest Mobile Pokémon “spin-off” has arrived… As long as your iTunes or Google Play account has its region set to Italy.

Magikarp Jump, revealed in Japan earlier this year as “Splash! Magikarp!” and teased earlier this week by a music video, released for iPhone and Android devices without warning in Italy. The game stars, shockingly enough, Magikarp, and the objective is to make it jump.

You begin by meeting Professor Karp, who’s name is not based on a tree like the professors in most other Pokémon games, although there is apparently a furniture store in Lebanon called “Karp n’ Tree”, so I’m calling it even. Professor Karp guides you to catching your first Magikarp. After this, you can attempt to catch more Magikarp, train your Magikarp, and compete in Magikarp Jumping competitions, where your Magikarp will literally attempt to Splash its way to the top.

The game also offers In-App Purchases. These purchases grant the buyer Diamonds, a form of currency for the game.

Current assumptions lead us to believe that the game will be coming soon to other regions.

Will you be picking up Magikarp Jump when it releases in your area? Do you live in Italy and have already tried it? Tell us in the comments!

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