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PokéNatomy: an in-depth look at the anatomy of Pokémon

Nurse Joy will want to take notes as this artist tackles the ins and out of Pokémon anatomy.

Step aside Professor Oak. The real Pokémon professor has showed up.

Over on his DeviantArt page, artist – and part scientist – Christopher Stoll has crafted a Pokédex that depicts the anatomical cross-sections of different Pokémon. The collection, appropriately dubbed PokéNatomy, consists of the original 150 Pokémon, each one having scientific explanations and detailed descriptions accompanying them.

As stated by Stoll on his Kickstarter page:

Have you ever wondered what Diglett looks like under the soil? Where Voltorb come from? How Ditto transforms? Why Abra run? Or how Magnemite reproduce?

PokéNatomy answers these questions, while clarifying and explaining diverse scientific concepts like DNA, body systems, hereditary traits, and adaption all around the wonder and weirdness of classic Pokémon starters!

Here are some examples of his work:

Christopher Stoll currently has around 60 entries so far out of the 1st generation. He had launched a Kickstarter for PokéNatomy, claiming how the collection will inevitably be “An Unofficial Guide to the Science of Pokémon”. The Kickstarter has now ended successfully. It had 643 backers pledging $34,526 total which surpassed the $20,000 goal.

Which is your favorite anatomical cross-over? Let us know!

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