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Pokémon Remixed: Jobless Tuber Showcase

Showcasing some great Pokémon remixes by Jobless Tuber!

In this article we’ll be showcasing some fantastic remixes produced by none other than Jobless Tuber – a frequent submitter to the PokéCommunity Youtube Channel! Think of it as our little ‘Thank You’ here at PokéCommunity for sharing your fantastic work with us!

First up: Nimbasa CityJazz Remix

First of all this absolutely NAILS all aspects of the Jazz genre. It takes a rather fast and bouncy song and manages to completely slow it down, while still keeping some of that ‘bounce’. You still recognise it as the Nimbasa City theme but also hear the differences in tempo and melody. Something I could definitely have playing in the background for several hours.

Secondly: Nuvema TownChill Remix

For some reason it just screams this song from Final Fantasy 8. It definitely captures that same serenity shown in the environment it plays in. A nice, calming track to go with the quiet, snow-covered town.

And last, but most definitely not least: Pokémon Mystery DungeonDusk Forest Halloween Remix


One word – creepy! Again JT has managed to capture the essence of the environment perfectly in this song. However what REALLY does it for me is that it’s specifically a ‘Halloween’ remix and all the little sounds in this remix work very nicely with the intended theme. Another job well done!

Again, this is just a sliver of what they are capable of. Make sure to have a look at what else Jobless Tuber has done, as well as keeping your eyes peeled for any more submissions coming up on our very own PokéCommunity Channel!

Opinions and the like are more than welcome, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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Jobless Tuber’s YT Channel

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