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PokéCommunity League Coverage II: The Finals

We’re up to the Final of the PokéCommunity League Championship. Join us as we look back on the season and get ready for the Final.

After six gruelling weeks, it’s all come to this: the time has come for the Finals of the PokéCommunity League (PCL) Championship!

The PCL Championship is the PokéCommunity’s major competitive battling competition in which four clans, of four to six players each, battle it out to take their clan to the top of the table and win the Championship.

The season consists of two parts: the round-robin competition and the seeded play-offs. The three-week round-robin competition involves each of the clans playing each other in a round-robin style, collecting win totals from each of their matches. After the three weeks draw to a close, the clan with the lowest team win total is eliminated from the Championship, and the team with the highest win total progresses straight to the Final. The teams that placed second and third in the round-robin rounds face off in the Semi-Final to decide who progresses to the Final. Both the Semi-Final and Final are played through a best-of-three series between each pairing.

So what’s happened in the PCL Championship since the third round of the round-robin?

Despite trailing by 75 points heading into the third round-robin round, Team Orb managed to defeat Black Magic in a tiebreaker match, pushing Black Magic to the bottom of the table and out of the Championship. Ghosts of Perdition, the winners of the last PCL Championship, finished at the top of the ladder and advanced straight to the Final, leaving Team Orb and Majestic Milotics to battle it out in the Semi-Finals.

Majestic Milotics claimed the first two wins, with Noa and Dragon defeating their opponents Elektra Heart and Christos respectively, leaving them needing just one win from their remaining three match-ups to take out the title. punkysaur from Team Orb showed a strong fighting spirit to defeat ddrox13 in a close set of three battles, leaving the ledger at 2-1 to Majestic Milotics.

Some late team changes were decisive in the final outcome of the Semi-Final. Anti replaced Sopheria as a Mercenary on Team Orb, storming to victory against gimmepie, and leaving both teams tied on two wins a piece. However the outcome was decided in the most anticlimactic of manners, with Castform, Clan Head of Team Orb, gaining an automatic win due to his opponent’s inactivity, sending Team Orb to the Final!

The Final is currently underway between last year’s winner, Ghosts of Perdition, and this season’s giantkiller, Team Orb. Will Ghosts of Perdition finish their strong season with another Championship, or will Team Orb knock down their final opponent and claim victory?

The Final ends on Thursday June 16th, and you can follow the progress here. We’ll bring you the results and a detailed analysis of the battles in the Final after then!

Cover image by fairy.