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PokéCommunity League Coverage #1

Join us and discover the current situation of PokéCommunity’s biggest competitive battling event. the PokéCommunity League!

Hello there ladies and gentlemen! And welcome to PokéCommunity League (PCL for short) coverage! But, I’m sure that some of you aren’t familiar with this, so I’ll explain what PokéCommunity League is.

PCL is the forum’s competitive battling hub. It is collaborative in that all participants compete together in teams called clans, while it is competitive in that the clans compete against each other for a variety of prizes big and small, including the title of PCL Champion.

PCL consists of four clans of six members. Each clan is led by a clan head who acts as the chief organizer and leader for the clan.

The League’s schedule is built around the major event on the League’s calendar, the PCL Championship. The PCL Championship lasts six weeks. Upon its completion, the League transitions into the Offseason, which lasts twelve weeks, where clan rosters readjust and clans participate in more varied and casual events. There are three PCL Championships each year.

If you are interested, and you want to know more about PCL, I’ll leave you the information thread here.

Alright! I think that explains everything here. However, I didn’t name the clans, the protagonists of this whole thing. First we have Ghosts of Perdition, they are the champions from the last PCL season and their clan is represented by Aegislash. The second clan is Majestic Milotics, represented by Milotic. Our third clan is Black Magic, represented by Darkrai. And last but not least we have Team Orb, represented by Castform.

With that said, it’s time to get into the cool part, and the most important part of PCL: the battles! Later articles will cover some of the more intense and interesting battles we’ve had, but for now here’s a quick rundown on battles that we’ve already had.

At the time of this article, the third week of the championship is starting. We have a tie for the first position when it comes to points, Ghosts Of Perdition and Majestic Milotics have both 450 points. This could be a decisive week, which would change the tide of the championship. Things were close between these two since the start, with Milotics winning most of their battles on the first week. That allowed them to close up the gap, and get on the fight for the first place; Ghosts were leading since the start, they ended up with a good position after the off-season. I’m pretty sure this is going to be the most interesting week that we had so far.

The third clan on the fight is Black Magic. They somewhat managed to stay in the fight. But they are a bit far from the first place with 375 points. They didn’t really have a bad start. But last week got a bit tricky, and that cost them a bit. They still have a chance to make with up wins this week and join the fight for first place. But Team Orb is in last place with only 300 points, far behind first place. They struggled these last two weeks on their battles. They could recover from those bad weeks now, and maybe fight for the 3rd place. That would be interesting to watch. Let’s hope for the best, people!

From my point of view, as somebody who was on both seasons of PCL, this season is a lot closer than the first one. Three of four clans have a chance for the lead, and things could change overnight. Luck is a weird thing, and you never know how it’s going to work. If you have time, and you want to see something different, I would recommend you to keep track of PCL, at least for this week. Who knows, maybe you will find a new interest!

Well then. That’s all for today! Thanks for reading this article, please let me know your thoughts about it below, on the comments. I hope you people stay tuned for the next part!

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