Pokémon Go Gym Battle details leaked

Players of the Pokémon Go Field Test in Japan are trying out the feature now.

Previously, we reported on field tests for Pokémon Go which have started in Japan, and will begin later in Australia and New Zealand. Today, Nintendolife reported on new information regarding Gym battles within the mobile phone game, as collected on this Reddit page.

The full details can be read on that page, but here is a quick breakdown:

  • There is a training mode within the Field Test. It gives no hint to the identity of the ‘three teams’ players will be able to align with. You can pair up with a ‘Computer Player’ in these training battles.
  • Training and Gym battles are in real time, and are not turn based. Rather, you tap the screen for quick attacks, and hold down for charge attacks. There are also Area of Effect attacks.
  • Besides HP, there is a stamina bar. It deplete with attacks used, and refills based on time and damage taken.
  • You can dodge attacks via swiping on your phone.
  • Damage carries over after every battle. Items are able to be used on your Pokémon afterwards.
  • Typing plays a part in battles as well.
  • Gyms, which are defended by players and can be attacked by those on another team, can also be levelled up via ‘prestige points’. Defeating a Gym reduces its prestige point count.

In short, this news suggests that there is more to initial feelings on the game in beta testing, and certainly more to it than the Ingress system that the company behind Pokémon Go, Niantic, has also created.

Courtesy of Nintendolife and Reddit.
Edited by Aurora.