Pokkén Tournament receives an Update

A few glitches are removed including an unstoppable combination, and a nerf is given to Reshiram’s support.

The new Wii U title Pokkén Tournament has received an update to patch a few issues within the game. The main glitch being fixed is one concerning the fighter Shadow Mewtwo, who was previously able to perform an unstoppable combo if the opponent blocked against a particular move. Thank goodness for that!

This patch is Version 1.2. It is required to be implemented to be able to play online, but the update itself is only 14 MB in size.

The changes are as follows:

  • Your shield either receives a boost or is weakened if your fighter’s Defense has been increased or decreased respectively.
  • Moves with glitches have been changed; Pikachu Libre’s Midair Strong Attack, Sceptile’s Hang, and Shadow Mewtwo’s infinite combo have been fixed. Umbreon’s Support attack Snarl also had a glitch which was fixed (in which if the opponent used a Pachirisu, Umbreon’s attack would not occur).
  • Mewtwo’s Confusion attack and its jumping range have been nerfed. Shadow Mewtwo likewise has negative changes made to its Miracle Eye and Side Ranged attacks.
  • Reshiram’s support attack has also been nerfed in power. is reporting that North American users have received a different update to what Europe and Japan downloaded. The differences in fixes or adjustments, if any, are not yet known.