CoroCoro Reveals information on Magearna and “Pokémon Ga-Olé”

But as for Pokémon Sun and Moon… news is much less substantial.

CoroCoro, the monthly Japanese magazine, has leaked today with Pokémon information.

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Thus far we know that:

  • The boxes for Pokémon Sun and Moon were covered up, with the magazine informing us that we will find out next month about the information. Quite the tease considering they had announced Sun and Moon information for this month.
  • Magearna is confirmed to be a Steel/Fairy type. This isn’t particularly surprising information, but nice for it to be confirmed nonetheless.
  • Tied to this news for the upcoming movie was the confirmation of the Pokémon to be distributed at the movie being selected by vote in the ‘Pokémon Elections’. You can enter via submitted a vote via a card obtained when pre-booking your movie ticket. The winner will be announced in June.
  • A new arcade game has been announced, called ‘Pokémon Ga-Olé’. You insert Pokémon-themed discs into the arcade machine. This will possibly only exist in Japan.

We will add information as it comes.

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