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The return of Hack of the Month!

Hack of the Month returns! Read about and then vote on your favorite hacks!

After a four month break because of 2015’s Hack of the Year contest, it’s back! Hack of the Month is a monthly contest aiming to promote our community’s upcoming ROM hacks – games modified with their own graphics and storylines. Three hacks are nominated each month, and members get to vote for their favorite. The hack with the most votes wins!

Pokémon FireRed: Rocket Edition allows you to travel around Kanto as a member of Team Rocket. You can steal Pokémon from Trainers, rob PokéMarts, bribe police officers and take on many other criminal jobs!

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Experience the Kanto region again, but this time on the DS! Pokémon Heart Red, a hack of Heart Gold, is a remake of Pokémon Red on the DS. In the current release, you can progress up to Vermillion City and earn three badges.

hotm_hack2_1 hotm_hack2_2 hotm_hack2_3

Pokémon Heiwa is a hack taking place in a tropical archipelago where a lot of the events and people in it have been inspired by Heiwa, a fanmade region from the World of PokéCommunity forum section. Play as a journalist, explore the region and have stories based on your battles!

hotm_hack3_1 hotm_hack3_2 hotm_hack3_3

Click the above links to try out these hacks, and vote for your favorite hack here!