Potentially Pokémony Plans to be provided in this year’s Pokémon Presents

It’s probably going to include some sort of news about Pokémon.

Prepare your Pikachu shocked faces: the official Pokémon Twitter account (at least, the Japanese one) has announced that a Pokémon Presents video presentation will air on Pokémon Day! It begins at 6 am Friday the 27th of February Pacific Time (PT) – or 9 am EST, 3 pm CEST, and 2 pm UTC. It starts at 11 pm in Japan, and 1 am in AEST on the 28th.

The tweet states the presentation will last for 14 minutes and will be on YouTube. The content is currently unknown.

Our bets? Pokémon Legends: Arceus news or even a DLC announcement, and perhaps a surprise mobile title. The Pokémon Sleep project may finally wake up, and there’s a chance Detective Pikachu 2 may still be alive and kicking.

What outlandish, crazy hope do you have to be revealed in this year’s Pokémon Presents video?