[Fixed] PSA: Cherrim is currently impossible to catch in the daytime

It’s also glitched if it transforms from its Sunshine form. Focus on night encounters!

Update: The new update for the game has fixed this error. Make sure to update ASAP!

Pokémon Legends: Arceus released a week ago, and features over 200 Pokémon to catch. One of these is particularly hard to capture; however, we’re not talking about any Legendary. Cherrim is currently bugged, as per the Japanese Pokémon support website and numerous reports from players.

Cherrim currently cannot be caught when it is daylight and sunny, where it assumes its Sunshine form, or after it has transformed from Sunshine form. For now, you’ll have to be sure to encounter it and catch it at night or in the evening in-game. You can catch it in the following locations:

  • Obsidian FieldlandsHeartwood.
  • Crimson MirelandsGapejaw Bog.
  • Coronet HighlandsLonely Spring, Fabled Spring and Primeval Grotto.

This can be particularly annoying as Cherrim is required for one early-game Request, and to have been obtained in both its forms. You’ll need to evolve one from its pre-evolution, Cherubi, or otherwise trade with another player, to get around that requirement.

The official support website mentions that this will be fixed in the next update for Pokémon Legends: Arceus. No date has been given.

Besides Cherrim, which Pokémon has been the hardest for you to catch?

Edited by Arcaneum and Zach.