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#JohtoRedrawn – The Johto re-imagining we didn’t know we needed

Generation two gets some well-deserved appreciation via this incredible art collaboration!

So we’ve seen Johto get a lot of love over the past 21 years. These critically acclaimed games boasted a great reception on release and paved way to their reputation as a truly amazing sequel to the Kanto region games Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. Couple this with equally remarkable remakes (Pokémon Heart Gold and Pokémon Soul Silver) made due to their sterling reputation, it’s safe to say Johto has had quite a bit of the limelight (unfortunately nowhere near as much as the less deserving Kanto, but that conversation is for another day).

In light of this, it appears the Pokémon fandom has taken a new approach to expressing its appreciation for the Johto region: #JohtoRedrawn!

#JohtoRedrawn is a collaborative effort by fans and artists to re-energise Johto, where they pick a part of the game (Route, Town, Landmark etc.) and redraw it in their own style! From a meticulously hand-drawn rendition of Burned Tower to a bustling take on Goldenrod City, the results have been amazing so far!

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This is such an amazing project; hopefully this continues for Johto, but also spreads to other regions too! Kudos to everyone that’s been involved so far, make sure to give their work some love on Twitter!

We’re definitely excited to see how this develops and I hope you are too! Which one has been your favourite so far? Any hidden gems we’ve forgotten? Do YOU in fact have your own #JohtoRedrawn piece? Don’t be shy, come share it with us!

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