[Updated 20th June] Dataminers share sneak peeks of the Frozen Tundra DLC

Spoilers within! A couple new Pokémon names have been spotted, as well as strong hints to certain events.

Update 20th June: A new bit of datamining has determing the likely Pokémon to be added to the Crown Tundra.

As seen in previous data released by Game Freak, such as the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and Pokémon Sun and Moon demos, some details were not quite properly hidden from the newest update to Pokémon Sword and Shield. Dataminers such as SciresM have unearthed a few new findings in the Isle of Armor data, clearly intended for the second part of the DLC to release later this year.

Firstly, at least a total of 898 Pokémon exist, with a couple new names (serving as codenames) spotted. Note that the numbers are National Dex IDs, and does not mean 898 Pokémon will be in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The two new Pokémon can combine with the new Legendary teased, Calyrex!

It’s worth noting that even as a codename, there’s some meaning here – kuraun means crown, and hakuba and kokuba mean white and black horse. Two knights to the ‘king’ in Calyrex, perhaps?

17 new Items are expected to be added to part two, most of them Key Items. Furthermore, four chapters or missions will make up the Crown Tundra, each with special titles. The first is likely referring to the Galarian Kanto birds, while the others likely reference the Regis, Ultra Beasts, and the Musketeer trio and Keldeo.

The Crown Tundra has 17 zones, the same number as the Isle of Armor has.

Twitter user abcboy101 has also found layout locations for the Crown Tundra left over in the Town map.

What do you think of these newest findings? Are you enjoying the Isle of Armor?

Thanks to Castform for the tip, and Sheep for translations.
Edited by Sheep.