New Sword and Shield Trailer reveals Galarian Forms, Team Yell, New Rivals

Team Yell and new Galar forms have shown up!

A new trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield has just released. Give it a watch below!

Firstly, Galarian forms have been introduced! Weezing is one of these with a Poison/Fairy typing. Zigzagoon and Linoone are also shown to have a Galarian variant and gain the Dark typing. Additionally, Linoone gains a new evolution in Obstagoon, a Normal/Dark type revealed in this trailer.

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Another brand-new Pokémon, Morpeko, was revealed. It is an Electric/Dark type and changes between Full Belly and Hangry mode when certain conditions are met. Its exclusive move, Aura Wheel, changes between Electric and Dark type depending on what mode it is in.

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Two new rivals have been introduced – Bede and Marnie.

Bede is one of your rivals who is skilled at Pokémon battles and has the pride to match! He has joined the Gym Challenge, having received his endorsement from Rose, the chairman of the Galar Pokémon League. While he clearly is aiming to become Champion, he seems to have other objectives as well…

Marnie is one of your rivals who has a competitive side. Together with her partner Morpeko, she aims to become the Champion of the Galar region in order to accomplish a certain goal. She has many passionate fans, thanks to her sense of style and calm, calculated battle strategies.

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Lastly, we have been introduced to Team Yell. They are fans of Marnie.

They want nothing more than for Marnie to become Champion, and they all try to obstruct other challengers in all sorts of ways. They will take over hotel lobbies, prevent other challengers from accessing transportation, and even shout and distract opponents during battle. Whenever Marnie battles, it seems these Team Yell Grunts are quick to appear, showing their support with Marnie-print towels and also horns.

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The official website has also introduced information about Poké Jobs. You can send Pokémon from the PC to fulfill a job and earn items, experience, and “base points”.

In the Galar region, it is very common for people and Pokémon to work together. Many corporations and universities request the help of Pokémon through what are known as Poké Jobs.

You can check available Poké Jobs at the Rotomi in Pokémon Centers, and you’ll also be able to send Pokémon from your Boxes directly to any job you accept!

The Pokémon you send will help out with the job, and the experience will even help them grow. There are many different Poké Jobs available. You’ll find that certain Pokémon types are suited for specific jobs, too. Helping out for a long time or sending as many Pokémon as you can on a job can also net some good results. You might even receive some rare items!

Rotomi is an integration of Rotom with the PC in every Pokémon Center, and is where you can access features “such as the Loto-ID”.

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What do you think of the newest trailer and information?

Co-written by Sheep.