Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct announced for 5th of June

Get ready for 15 minutes of information via a livestream! We’ll also have a Pokémon Business Strategy presentation within two days.

The official Nintendo of America Twitter account has announced a Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct. It airs at 6 a.m PDT on the 5th of June.

That’s not all! The Japanese Pokémon Twitter account (as well as the English one) made a separate tweet on a different event a week prior. On the 29th of May, 10 a.m. JST (6 p.m PDT 28th of May), a “Pokémon Business Strategy” presentation will be aired. No details beyond this have been shared – what could we expect to see?

How hyped are you for official information next week?

Thanks to Dragon and Chase for the tip.