Buizel, Budew added to GO amid Stardust event

More of the generation four evolutions for older Pokémon may come soon too, with a ‘Sinnoh Stone’ item.

The drip feed of new Pokémon continues in Pokémon GO. Buizel, the Sinnoh Water type, as well as its evolution in Floatzel, has been spotted in the wild in the game overnight. Budew, the pre-evolution of Roselia, has also been added to 5 km Eggs. Its Shiny form has been added too – expected, given Shiny Roselia exists.

While evolutions such as Roserade are not yet accessible, a new item has been datamined within the game master files. The Sinnoh Stone will likely be a catch-all item for evolving these generation four Pokémon. It is not yet known when it will be implemented in the game for players, but data has been also updated for these Pokémon, suggesting it may be soon!

Lastly, a double Stardust event has started for the next week. Get catching for those bonuses!

Which generation four Pokémon do you want to see added to the game next?