Entei and Shiny Growlithe feature in GO this September

A new Spinda form and Silver Pinap Berries can be found as well.

Entei has replaced Raikou as the Research Breakthrough reward thus month in Pokémon GO. As usual, new Field Research tasks have popped up, and from early reports a new Shiny Pokémon this month as well.

So far the following has been discovered:

  • Growlithe has been reported as Shiny.
  • Spinda has a new Form.
  • New Field Research Tasks include Make a great curveball throw [Spinda], Catch a Rattata or Pikachu [Phanpy], Catch 5 Fire-type Pokemon [Silver Pinap Berry], Earn 1 Buddy Candy [Numel], Send 5 Gifts [Roselia], Use 10 Berries on Pokemon [Growlithe] and Power up Pokemon 3 times [Koffing].

Are you a fan of the Fire-type Johto Beast?