Chikorita confirmed for next Pokémon GO Community Day

The dates for the next three Community Days, including Chikorita’s, have been announced.

The next featured Pokémon GO Community Day Pokémon has been confirmed today to be Chikorita. The Johto Starter is the first of the second generation Starters to feature, paralleling Bulbasaur being the first of the Kanto Starters.

The event runs for three hours at the usual times around the world on Saturday the 22nd of September. The bonus is 3x Catch XP, while again a special move will be learnt by any Bayleef evolved into Meganium during the event hours. While the move has not been announced, it is possible it could be Frenzy Plant, which Venusaur gained from the Bulbasaur Community Day event.

The dates for the following two Community Days have also been announced:

Can’t get enough of Community Day? You won’t want to miss the next two exciting events coming up in October and November. On Sunday, October 21, and Saturday, November 10, new Pokémon will be featured, with special bonuses to be announced. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

It is unknown who will feature on these two days. Speculation exists for Gastly on the October event, given the ties to Halloween, while Cyndaquil could appear on the November event, when comparing to earlier Community Days this year.