Oha Suta to share “shocking” Pokémon news on May 31

Mark your calendars, a major announcement is possibly on the way.

Update: The description of the segment on the original website has changed to “full of Pokémon information”. Perhaps the previous description gave away too much?

As though the recent Pokémon rumours haven’t been enough, there is now more to come. This time, Japanese variety show Oha Suta, has teased an announcement set for May 31, set to share “shocking” Pokémon news.

It is not known exactly what this will entail, but the announcement will refer to it as “a moment a new history is born”. What do you think this is going to be? It is possible that it pertains the rumoured Pokémon Switch title, given one of the rumours cited that an official announcement would occur in the last week of May. If so, we may also find out via another source, e.g. a new website or YouTube video on the official Nintendo or Pokémon accounts.

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