Spinda, attacks, account linking and more within next GO update

A slew of features have been implemented or are on the way in Pokémon GO!

A new update has been released for Pokémon GO, and the datamining team at The Silph Road has already discovered interesting additions. Besides the announced capability to link your account with Facebook and various unnamed bug fixes, we know the following:

  • Spinda has been added to the game. The spotty Pokémon, who supposedly never shares a pattern with other Spinda, comes with only eight forms, rather than the million of possibilities in the main series games.
  • Two attacks have been added: Frenzy Plant, confirmed to be the special move Venusaur gets when obtained during the next Community Day event, and Weather Ball.
  • Quests have another attribute added within the code.
  • PokéStop submissions may soon be activated in the game.
  • Catch multipliers have been added for consecutive Nice/Great/Excellent throws which do not capture the target Pokémon. It is not clear if this is already activated.

What do you think about this update? What future feature excites you the most?