Nintendo Direct reveals new trailer on Detective Pikachu, Smash

No news on Pokémon Switch as yet.

The latest Nintendo Direct has new information for Detective Pikachu. Pokémon have been behaving oddly around Rime City, and it’s up to you to solve it!

The game is available for pre-purchase now from the Nintendo eShop.

In other news, there’s a new Super Smash Bros. title coming out for Nintendo Switch this year. Pokémon characters will be playable characters, but there’s no further details as yet.

Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. (working title): The Super Smash Bros. series comes to Nintendo Switch in 2018. The teaser trailer featured recognizable faces like Mario, Link and the Inklings from the Splatoon series.

Detective Pikachu: Starting today, this new detective adventure game starring self-proclaimed “great detective” Pikachu is available for pre-purchase on Nintendo eShop and The game, as well as an extra-large Detective Pikachu amiibo figure (sold separately), launches on March 23. (The game is playable in 2D only.

Why not view the Direct in its entirety and check some of the other news for yourself?

Are you excited about either of these games?

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