Party hat Pikachu to return in Pokémon GO for anniversary celebrations

The same hat returns, but you can get triple the stardust for catching it!

Update: The app now notifies users about this event. The event starts 1 PM PST February 26. New FireRed and LeafGreen Trainer outfits are available to purchase as well. has reported that a party hat Pikachu will make its return in Pokémon GO as part of Pokémon Day celebrations. Unlike last time the event is shorter, ending on the 28th, and will also have the attack Present (which can net you extra Stardust when catching a Pokémon with this move). No start date has been given, and an official Niantic announcement has not yet been made.

Are you interested in this shorter event, or do you already have your fill of hatted Pikachu?

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