Pokémon GO updated to version 0.91.1 for Android and 1.61.1 for iOS

Pokémon GO on both Android and iOS receiving fresh updates! We may see a quest system added to the game later, thanks to findings from dataminers.

Hello, Pokémon GO players! Short and sweet – the Pokémon GO team confirmed an update is coming for Android (0.91.1) and iOS (1.61.1). Expect the following changes:

  • Improved the in-game News feature.
  • The Pokémon Collection search function now lets Trainers search using “Shiny.”
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

However with our new updates coming out, so do the datamines. More news on this as it comes in but after having a quick look, it looks like we could be seeing some form of quest system which will start incorporating all of Pokémon GO‘s features. Exciting stuff!

Update: A lot of code has been added for a quest system. This is not live and would require at least one more update to be in play. There are Story and Challenge quests, and multiple types of achievements – catching Pokémon, spinning PokéStops, hatching Eggs, walking a Buddy Pokémon, feeding a Pokémon, winning a Gym or Raid battle, and levelling up a badge. Quests could also involve multiple parts.

Possible quests rewards include the following:

  • ITEM

The Pokémon encounter could hopefully be related to Legendaries or Mythical Pokémon! We will have to wait and see.

Edited by bobandbill and Dragon.