[Updated] Wave of EX Raid Passes distributed in Pokémon GO

Reports have flooded in of EX Raids being awarded for gyms from months ago which weren’t raided at. Is it related to Mewtwo’s birthday?

Update: Niantic have announced that the latest wave of EX Raid Passes were in error.

With the latest batch of EX Raid Battle invites, we implemented a few changes to improve Trainer and Gym selection. Unfortunately, a bug was introduced when these changes were made, and, as a result, some Trainers were invited to participate in an EX Raid Battle at a Gym they may not have visited in several months. This bug has already been resolved, and future invites will better represent how the updated invitation process is intended to function. Most importantly, Trainers will only receive an invitation if they’ve completed a Raid Battle at that Gym recently.

Various theories had been researched by players during the last few months on how exactly you can improve your chances to obtain an EX Raid Pass in Pokémon GO. Such items are prized as they are currently the only way to get a chance at catching Mewtwo. Raids on specific Gyms (e.g. sponsored Gyms, and those in parks) were supposedly the only eligible Gyms, and Raids ideally had to be done within the past week. This system has not been without its faults.

Today a new wave of EX Raid Passes have been distributed, and this wave has “broken” the rules mentioned above. People have, for example, received EX Raid Passes for just spinning a Gym months ago. Not everyone has received a pass however (this writer included).

As no official announcement has been made, it is unknown if this is a one-off or a long-term shake up to the distribution of EX Raid Passes. However, given this has occurred on the 6th of February, which is Mewtwo’s birthday, it may well be a special one off.

Were you lucky enough to get an EX Raid Pass, and able to partake in it?

Thanks to Forever for the tip.
Edited by Jake and Zach.