More Hoenn Pokémon models sighted in Pokémon GO files

Most generation three Water types and a few Ice types have models added, alongside Delibird.

A new update is rolling out for Pokémon GO just in time for Christmas. While dataminers assert that the majority of code changes deal with the AR mode and the addition of new Holiday boxes, perhaps the most interesting find has been new models for generation three Pokémon. Most are Water type with a few Ice types included too.

The following have been added:

  • Lotad/Lombre/Ludicolo
  • Carvanha/Sharpedo
  • Wailmer/Wailord
  • Barboach/Whiscash
  • Corphish/Crawdaunt
  • Feebas/Milotic
  • Snorunt/Galie
  • Spheal/Sealeo/Walrein
  • Relicanth
  • Luvdisc

Delibird was also found within the files. Wingull and Pelipper were not found, and nor was the Clamperl line.

Are you hoping we can catch these new Pokémon in the game soon?