New Z-Move for Lycanroc revealed

It’s edgy! So edgy it requires the Stone Edge move. We also have more information on Dusk Form Lycanroc.

Another page has been revealed from CoroCoro following yesterday’s news. Within it we see artwork and screenshots of a new Z-Move for Lycanroc: Radial Edge Storm.

It does not appear to be limited to a specific form of Lycanroc. It can only be used through the move Stone Edge, and eliminates all field affects such as Terrain. This may help Lycanroc gain some more relevance in battling by negating the Abilities of the Tapu Pokémon.

The bottom of the page gives us further information on Dusk Form Lycanroc! It can only evolve between 17:00 pm and 17:59 pm from Rockruff with the Ability Own Tempo. The only way it will have such an Ability is from the special distribution to celebrate the release of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

What do you think of this new Z-Move? What other Pokémon do you hope will get its own new Z-Move?

Thanks to Dragon and Fletch for the tip.