Exclusive Raid Test Invites, Safari Zone details in Pokémon GO

Only a few select players have them yet as it is the testing phase, but you should check your game just to be sure. Meanwhile, the Safari Zone events have an update,

EX Raids (also called Exclusive Raids) invites have started to be issued to players in Pokémon GO. Thus far most invites known have been for a single gym in Seattle, the United States, as pictures in the above and below images. Another has been issued to a player who raided in San Francisco. Niantic have physical offices in both of these cities.

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One of the players invited to the ‘Water, precious water’ gym has stated he is level 30, raided at the location the previous day only, and has the notice about the invite just over 48 hours before the Raid begins. Another player states they have done Raids there often in the past few weeks.

The raid lasts for two hours, and will likely involve Mewtwo. However, details can change when they are rolled out worldwide, depending on the success of these tests.

We’ll bring more information as it comes. In the meantime, Niantic have posted more details about the Safari Zone events in select shopping centres in Europe.

The first series of Pokémon GO Safari Zone events in Europe are just around the corner! On September 16, official Pokémon GO Safari Zone activities will be taking place at Unibail-Rodamco Shopping Centres located at CentrO in Oberhausen (Germany), Les Quatre Temps in Paris (France) and La Maquinista in Barcelona (Spain).

At each Pokémon GO Safari Zone event, Trainers will receive an in-game medal and special 2 km Eggs from the various PokéStops found at each of these shopping centers. Lures will be activated all day at each PokéStop at the event so Trainers can catch Pokémon together, including Kangaskhan, Chansey, Larvitar, and others. Trainers in the area may even spot Shiny Pikachu, Shiny Magikarp, and various forms of Unown! In order to optimize the experience for all Trainers attending, Gym and Raid Battles will not be available at these shopping centers during the events.

The Pokémon GO Safari Zone events will give Trainers the chance to meet one another and catch up in the team lounges. Attendees will also receive Trainer kits for joining the day’s Pokémon-catching activities. Throughout each of the participating shopping centers, special offers for Pokémon GO Trainers will be available in select stores.



Visit your local shopping center’s Facebook page for information on reserving a ticket to the Pokémon GO Safari Zone events in Oberhausen, Germany; Paris, France; and Barcelona, Spain on September 16.

We’re also happy to announce the new dates for the Pokémon GO Safari Zone events in Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden and The Netherlands. These dates now include:

  • October 7, 2017
    • Fisketorvet—Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Centrum Černý Most—Prague, The Czech Republic
  • October 14, 2017
    • Mall of Scandinavia—Stockholm, Sweden
    • Stadshart Amstelveen—Amstelveen, The Netherlands

We’ll be revealing more information on tickets for these events soon. Please visit the local shopping center’s Facebook pages for updates.