New Pokémon Anime Trailer for Kanto Episodes released!

The old companions of Ash return. Check out the trailer in this article!

A new trailer for the next Anime episodes has aired recently, and it shows some interesting scenes. It seems Brock and Misty haven’t changed at all; Brock ignores Ash and goes to meet a beautiful woman in the airport, and Misty is still scared of Bug-type Pokémon. Also, Ash meets up with his Bulbasaur, and Kiawe flies low with his Charizard next to a Rapidash. Furthermore, there is a comparison between Marowak, Dugtrio, Exeggutor, and Geodude with their Alolan forms!

These two episodes will air at September 14th and September 21st. Are you excited to see Misty and Brock again?

Edited by bobandbill and ddrox13.