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Check out the Twitch stream of the Pokémon GO Fest stream below!

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10:45 (CDT) – The host and Niantic CEO, John Niantic, addressed the crowd prior to the first challenge starting. Pikachu Raid Battles will occur during the event. They do not take up any Raid Passes and grant 3,500 XP.

Meanwhile reports have come in of mobile service coverage issues in the area. This may seem unsurprising if you look at the crowd…

Huge crowd…

Incidentally, Masuda of Game Freak royalty is here!

11:05 – The first GO Challenge has started! There are Heracross spawning at the event.


11:50 – After some talk following the end of the first challenge from representatives of each team, a Trainer Tips video on Raid Battle was shown. It lasted a minute before it was cut abruptly however.

We’ll update as info comes in.