Marshadow obtained early following 20th movie advance screening

A early viewing of the movie in Japan resulted in the audience getting the new Pokémon! Don’t expect to see the legitimate thing on the GTS just yet however…

The Mythical Pokémon Marshadow was earlier announced as an event for Pokémon fans in Japan who watch the next movie, Pokémon I Choose You. This movie is to officially release on the 15th of July. However, it seems an early screening occurred today in Japan. While details are still scarce, the audience to this early screening were able to get a Marshadow for their copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon. Even the Marshadium Z Z-Crystal would have been handled out to these lucky few.

Don’t get too excited though! While they can trade Marshadow via local wireless, these Event Pokémon come with a Ribbon. This prevents the Pokémon from being traded on the GTS or through Wonder Trade. If you receive a Marshadow via these features, you can bet that it is hacked. Pokémon fans outside of Japan will have to wait until the event is extended beyond a movie promotion for Japan.

Are you eager to get a Marshadow and wishing you were in Japan right now?

Thanks to Fletch for the tip!